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Classroom Tips

As a music educator and music therapist, most of these tips are directed at the music classroom; however, I have included general information and suggestions easily transferred to other subjects. 
     I frequently get asked for resources. There are some good texts out there and some information spastically online... but nothing all in one place regarding special learners, particularly in music. While I have been encouraged to write a book, I believe this information should be free. Research shows an overwhelming amount of general education teachers (in all subject areas) do not feel comfortable or prepared teaching students with special needs- especially those diagnosed with severe, or low-prevalence, disabilities. Universities, professional organizations, and school districts all must make a better effort in making sure all teachers feel prepared to teach all students.
     Currently our public education system stresses rigorous standards and emphasizes the need for assessment. Regardless on your opinion on the policies, federal law requires all students to have access to the 'general education curriculum' with their 'non-disabled peers' to the 'maximum extent appropriate.'   
Their is also a big push for inclusion in both policy and research. However, inclusion does not work unless teachers know how to appropriately facilitate the needs of all learners. Teachers need more support, resources, and mentorship. 
     Please note: The suggestions/opinions here are all my own. These are strategies I have learned about from various sources over the years and put to practice in my own classroom. I have been fortunate to learn and experience a lot of great educators over the years and work with many wonderful students. 
While I do believe this information should be available to all educators, parents, and practitioners, I also believe in giving credit where credit is due. I site other's information where needed and I ask you do the same. Additionally, I have spent many hours creating my own resources and manipulatives. Please see my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for activities to use in your classroom. (made in conjunction with a great friend, colleague and educator- Marisa Griffin.. the best adapted art teacher around!):
     Now onto the content! I have started this project in September 2019. This has been an idea of mine for a while but just now being put into action. I have dedicated my career to the things mentioned above keeping students with low-prevelance disabilities at the forefront of my platform. If there is anything you believe is missing or think I should expand on please let me know! (see contact info at bottom of page). This is a growing project and a huge passion. Thank you for your support in helping me create equitable education. 
In equity,
Laura Meehan
Differentiated Instruction

The above button will take you to some tips, tricks and ideas on how to implement differentiated instruction in the classroom. The goal is for your lesson plans to reflect activities all students can succeed at and learn from regardless of ability or learning style.  

Alternative Assessment

The above button will take you to some thoughts on alternative instruction for students with low prevalence disabilities and


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Ensemble Tips
Ensemble tips​

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Classroom Management
Classroom Management​

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