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Meehan, L. (2015). All students can succeed in music class.Southwestern Musician, 83(7), 58-63

A simple introduction and list of general suggestions to help music educators begin to explore teaching special learners in their classroom. This best-practice article starts to encourage educators by providing simple ways to make adaptations in music for students with disabilities so they can be successful. 

Meehan, L., Darrow, A.A. (2018). Music for Students with Exceptionalities: Caminiti ESC. FloridaMusic Director. 
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Meehan, L. (2015). All students can succeed in music class. SouthwesternMusician, 83(7), 58-63.
Meehan, L. (2014). Music Therapists Perceptions on patients with disabilities in a pediatricmedical care setting.Florida State University, Master’s Thesis
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